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Master in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Master Advanced AI integrated with Cloud ML. Join our 5th batch of a fully live, active, and offline learning programme, guided only by industry-experienced leaders and passionate practitioners.


 Months Course

446 Hours


Beginner to Master

Suitable for Students, Early Tech Professionals, Individuals Looking to Shift to a New Domain


Live, Active, Offline

Delivered at B-HUB, a world-class learning environment

Build Your Skills in AI and Upturn Your Career to the Future! 

Learn hands-on about the two most upcoming technologies in the world-Machine Learning and Data Science from only the most experienced and seasoned experts in Data Integration, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

Course Curation

This course is co-curated with 5+ leading corporates, AI Startups and Communities in the ecosystem.


The course shall be led by 25+ Industry Experts and Practitioners with Mr Ashwil JS, a global data engineering leader Ex. AT&T, Target, Accenture, Jigsaw Analytics and UST at its helm.

Course Structure

The course shall have lectures, real-world projects and activities, industry interactions, mentorships, workshops, personal development programmes, and more

Active Learning

You shall learn through projects, practice sessions, challenges and hackathons, collaborations, knowledge sharing and more.

Career Development

Add-on modules tailored to enhance your skills, personality, & prospects. Hand-held guidance for placement along with the Talent Tank, the Shark Tank of Hiring

Become ahead of the curve through this specially curated course that takes you through Machine Learning, Data Engineering, Cloud Computing, Data Science, Generative AI and more!

Course Highlights

The course turns absolute beginners into experts in AI

The course follows a project and challenge-based hands-on active learning model

Your educators are industry professionals and experts who practice what they profess

You shall learn Project Management Methodologies

Integrated personality, communication and behavioural development aspects

This course is designed to equip you to be industry-ready from Day 1

Personal guidance to the right job opportunities according to your taste

Help in preparing a customised portfolio/resume for a job search

Provides a roadmap for a seamless transition in job skills, even after you've started your new job

Top Learning Outcome

Master tools, methods, and processes for machine learning model development.

Excel in Data Science with crucial statistical data analysis and preparation skills.

Harness advanced Deep Learning and Generative AI techniques for enhanced productivity.

Acquire core concepts and domain expertise for project development at any scale.

Perfect your Python coding, debugging, and best practices.

Learn how to implement Agile methodology for collaborative solutions in high-paced work settings.

Learning Experience with Bloombloom 

Engage in active learning from data analysis to solving complex problems. Learning is a three-step process:

Real-world Connect: Before you begin, you will be introduced to the significance and relevance of what you are learning and how it can be applied in the real world.

Active Learning & Lecture: You shall learn each topic conceptually and learn hands-on through mentor-led activities.

Challenges & Projects: You shall tackle real-world challenges and projects like reducing dimensions, handling imbalanced data, and more to master the knowledge you have gained.

Additionally, you shall collaborate in teams, apply agile methodology to complete projects and create practical reports as required in the industry. You shall also get

  • Daily coding challenges to reinforce your knowledge.

  • Develop real-use applications such as chatbots.

  • Gain skills in UI design and deployment tools.

  • Learn interview strategies through interconnected concepts.

  • Interact with multiple industry professionals to develop your personality and persona as a whole

This approach keeps learning practical, empowering and exciting for you as an individual and learner!

  • Master the core concepts and advanced features of Python programming. From the basics of data types, strings, and control flow to advanced topics like object-oriented programming, database interaction, and multi-threading, this module covers it all.

  • Dive into Linear Algebra and get hands-on with Numpy, Pandas, and dazzling data visualizations using Matplotlib, Seaborn, and Plotly. Hone your skills with Box Plots, Heat Maps, and SciPy, guided by expert mentors.

    Explore the world of Data Science functions, master the art of data preparation, and deepen your understanding of math and statistics. Learn how to wield the power of SQL for data manipulation and visualization.

  • This module covers the basics and advanced topics of machine learning. You shall dive into Supervised Learning, including Classification Algorithms. Explore Unsupervised Algorithms, Reinforcement Learning, and essential data preparation techniques. Learn Feature Selection, Model Evaluation, and Performance Tuning. Finish strong with insights into Model Deployment.

  • This module introduces the basics of Deep Learning and takes you through Deep Learning Architecture. You shall master the practical use of Keras for building neural networks while learning Natural Language Processing, developing a chatbot and diving into Transformer Networks.

  • You shall explore the basics including an introduction to Generative AI and Models. This module focuses on Large Language Models (LLMs) and their application in Generative AI. You shall learn about Prompt Engineering for LLMs, and then gain practical experience with Gen AI Models, deployment, and real-world case studies.

What will you learn?

  • Navigate the foundations of Unix/Linux systems, building a strong technical foundation crucial for AI and ML workflows.

  • Command Kubernetes and Docker – the tools of AI deployment that elevate your projects from development to scalable, real-world solutions.

  • Harness Flask API & Django to create seamless, interactive AI applications that bridge the gap between technology and user experience.

  • Cultivate collaborative coding skills, managing AI projects efficiently while honing version control and collaboration prowess.

  • Explore the world of NoSQL, Columnar Databases and other commonly used Big Data tools, gaining an introductory understanding that elevates your data management acumen.

Essential Skill Sets

  • Dive hands-on into Cloud ML on Amazon & Azure platforms, experiencing the power of scalable AI solutions firsthand.

  • Refine your interview techniques, curate a compelling resume, and create an impactful LinkedIn profile and portfolio, positioning yourself as a sought-after AI professional.

  • Benefit from our dedicated and customized placement support, ensuring your journey culminates in fulfilling AI roles across industries. Post course add-on Internship opportunities available through Bloombloom platform for enhanced skills and active practice

  • Interact with industry experts from diverse domains, gaining insights beyond boundaries and broadening your perspective of AI's impact.

  • Opt for a personal development session alongside the course, enhancing communication, behaviour, and personality traits, making you a well-rounded AI professional.

Dive deeper into the AI ecosystem and broaden your expertise with essential skills that amplify your potential

Curated Add-ons

85 hours of essential skill-building for personal, professional and behavioural development from voice coaching, communication and presentation skills to corporate storytelling, design thinking, and many more

The programme is designed to ensure and inculcate collaboration, self-learning, and continuous learning for you.

Additional introductions to Deployment Tools: Kubernetes/ Docker, API Access: Flask API & Django, Streaming Analytics, Big Data Architecture & PySpark, No SQL & Columnar Databases (Intro) and Introduction to Cloud ML: Azure / Amazon

We shall also assist in Interview, Resume and LinkedIn, and Portfolio Preparation

Our Unique Offerings

The programme is curated to empower you to design solutions rather than learn the concepts.


We use industry case studies to equip you to handle end-to-end development and deployment


You get a clear picture of how AI and its subdivisions (ML, DS, DL) are applied in diverse industry domains such as finance, healthcare and so on.


We shall give you the behind-the-scenes of the industry which help you to apply for the right job profiles for you and find the direction to take your career forward.


You will not only learn AI/ML, but you shall also learn the related skill sets which are required for you to create complete solutions.


Meet the Lead Educator

Ashwil JS

Ex-AT&T, Accenture, UST, Target Retail, Jigsaw Analytics.

17+ years in Data Integration, Data Warehousing, and Machine Learning. 

Extensive expertise in Retail, Telecom, Banking, and Manufacturing domains.

Certified Data Scientist and Certified in PySpark. Agile Scrum Expertise and SAFe Agile Certified.

Global Exposure in the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Still uncertain if this program is the perfect match for you?

Get in Touch with our Counselors to learn more.

Fees & Financing

Master in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Live sessions by Experienced Leaders & Practitioners

  • Fully Live, Active & Offline Classes

  • Upto 25% Scholarship Available On Tuition Fee for deserving candidates

The Course Fee is payable through Net Banking and Credit/Debit Cards.
With our Corporate Financial Partnerships, you can avail Education Loans at 0% Interest Rate*.

Step 1

Online Application

Submit the online application along with the required documents.


15th November 2023

Step 2

Attend Interview

Shortlisted candidates will be required to go through an online interview.


17th November 2023

Step 3

Admission Confirmation

Selected candidates will be provided with an offer of admission to the programme.


19th November 2023

Admission Process

Who is Eligible?

  • Professionals seeking a career shift into Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Working professionals with 0-2 years of experience eager to upskill

  • College students and recent graduates aspiring to launch their careers in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Individuals who can dedicate full-time availability on weekends or weekdays for learning

AI & ML are not just buzzwords but drivers of innovation, efficiency, and progress. Learning these skills opens doors to exciting career opportunities and ensures you're at the forefront of the technology revolution.

Industry Relevance

Welcome to a world where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are shaping the future at an unprecedented pace. Here's why learning AI & ML is not just beneficial but crucial in today's rapidly evolving landscape:

  • Explosive Growth: The AI industry is experiencing explosive growth, with a projected market value of over $190 billion by 2025. As AI technology becomes more integrated into various sectors, the demand for AI and ML professionals is soaring.

    Job Opportunities: AI & ML have created a plethora of job opportunities across industries. From data scientists and machine learning engineers to AI researchers and natural language processing specialists, the job market is teeming with possibilities.

    Transforming Industries: AI is transforming industries such as healthcare, finance, e-commerce, and more. Healthcare AI, for instance, is predicted to save the healthcare industry $150 billion annually by 2026, opening doors for healthcare-focused AI professionals.

    Enhanced Efficiency: AI streamlines processes and enhances efficiency. Businesses are increasingly adopting AI to automate tasks, analyze data, and make data-driven decisions, creating a high demand for AI-skilled employees.

    Innovation Catalyst: AI is an innovation catalyst. It powers innovations like autonomous vehicles, personalized recommendations, chatbots, and voice assistants. Learning AI & ML puts you at the forefront of technological advancements.

    Cross-Industry Application: AI is not limited to a single industry. It's ubiquitous. It's used in agriculture for crop optimization, in marketing for personalized content, in finance for fraud detection, and countless other applications.

    Global Impact: AI has a global impact. Countries and companies worldwide are investing heavily in AI research and development. As an AI professional, your skills are sought after on a global scale.

    Job Security: AI & ML professionals enjoy job security. With AI's rapid adoption, companies are keen to retain AI talent. It's a field where your skills are always in demand.

    Empowerment: Learning AI & ML empowers you to create solutions to real-world problems. Whether it's predicting diseases, improving customer experiences, or optimizing supply chains, you have the power to make a difference.

    Future-Proofing: As AI & ML become more integrated into our lives, learning these skills future-proofs your career. You'll be equipped to adapt to an ever-changing technological landscape.

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