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21 Days Full Time

3 Months Part Time

Applications Invited

Applications Invited



Join the Upcoming Cohort of Bloom Lab Talent Incubation Programme

A Y-Combinator-like Talent Incubation Programme, leveraging active learning for enhanced practical skills and job readiness. Utilize the program for internships, academic projects or student startup initiatives.

B-HUB Co-learn, Nr. Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram


3 Months | Part Time | On Premise

Track 2:

21 Days | Full Time | On Premise

Track 1:

A Holistic Learning Programme

We are thrilled to extend an invitation to talented and aspiring individuals to join the upcoming cohort of Bloom Lab Collaborative Internship Programme! This is a unique opportunity to launch your career, acquire real-world skills, gain invaluable experience, and become an integral part of a dynamic community of learners and achievers. Our program isn't solely certificate-focused; it offers a holistic experience that combines active learning and practical work

Choose your Area:

Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, Web Development, Mobile Development, Marketing, Sales, Design, UI/UX, Programme Management, and Community Management.

Programmes Key Highlight:

Co-curated and Co-certified with Multiple Companies

Real-world Problem Statements aggregated from Industries & Communities

Daily Mentorship by Domain Experts, Weekly Mentor Clinics with Industry Leaders

Immersive Real Work-Like Learning Environment

Engaging Workshops, Industry Interactions, and Inspirational Sessions

Personal Development Opportunities Throughout the Program

Nominated for Talent Tank, the Shark Tank for Hiring fresh Talent

Hosted at a Corporate-Style Co-learning Space: B-HUB Co-Learn, Nr. Technopark

Pitch Opportunities with Companies and Industry Leaders & showcase your talent

  • Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

  • Web Development

  • Mobile Development

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Design

  • UI/UX

  • Programme Management

  • Community Management.

Programme Details

Our Panel of Mentors

Our mentors are not just industry leaders; they are passionate educators, committed to guiding and inspiring you throughout your programme experience. Discover the wealth of knowledge and experience they bring to your learning journey.

CEO | Innovator | Logistics

Past Director and CEO at Mundra Port, Director at Dubai Maritime City, and Chief Commercial Officer at APM Terminals.

Global Award Winning Entrepreneur

Serial Entrepreneur for 21+ Years | Gates Foundation Grantee | Founder of E-Toilet, Shetaxi, inE, Auga TV, Bloombloom, B-HUB, Fest, and More!

AI & Data Science Leader

Tech Industry Expert with 18+ Years' Experience, spanning AT&T, Target Retail, Accenture, and UST

Technology Consultant & Influencer
Renjith Ramachandran

Autonomous Innovation and Product Engineering Expert, Leader at UST Global, Datacivet, and Start2Scale Consulting

Personal Development Coach

A versatile Indian Voice Coach, Actor, Author, and Hypnotherapist, who passionately explores various realms of his interests, making his dreams a reality.

C-Level Advisor & Think Tank

Thought Leader in Hiring, Technology, Marketing, and Strategy | Author, Speaker, and Trainer with 300+ workshops, 90+ webinars, and 40,000+ trainees.

IT Leader Turned Entrepreneur

Founder of "Open Your Mind," with 20+yrs of IT leadership experience, including managing team size of 300+, and a strong passion for education

Interested Partners Join Us in Shaping the Future
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