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In your Newer World of Tougher Customer Challenges, demand Greater Problem Solvers!

Discover, Develop & Recognise Creamy Creative Enterprising Layer of Talent

We welcome you to join us in fostering great collaborations for a greater talent ecosystem

We are an Online & Offline Active and Collaborative Learning Platform dedicated to Standardising and Scaling the Talent of the Future. Recognizing the crucial gap in Employability skills, we emphasize the vital layer of Active learning and Practical application. This includes fostering traits like learnability, social skills, collaboration skills, challenge-taking mindset, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, resilience, creativity, and more.
At Bloombloom, Active Learning embodies hands-on experience, practice, collaboration, & shared knowledge in a collaborative setting. Join us in collaborative endeavors, unlocking infinite possibilities!










Skill Communities







Spread the Brand

Elevate your brand among the talent ecosystem and Consistently promote your impactful work in unique ways

Build Talent

Acquire and Develop Creamy Creative Enterprising Layer of Talent around their Passion through Innovative Models

Stay Relevant

Empower your team to stay relevant. Motivate & enable them for continuous learning through inspiration & collaboration

Happy People

Cultivate Happiness through Innovative Engagement Programs, Passion Projects, and their Impact On Personal Growth

Bloombloom for You

Membership Programmes

An unconventional plan to unlock the best in employees—letting them learn what they love, stay relevant, explore passions, and align with your L&D or employee engagement initiatives

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Talent Tank

The “Shark Tank for hiring fresh talent”, empowers students to showcase their practical skills, secure job offers, and gain recognition, fostering active learning, collaboration, and career readiness.

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Bloom Lab

A Y-Combinator-like Talent Incubation Programme, leveraging active learning for enhanced practical skills and job readiness. Utilize the program to run your internship and campus to corporate initiatives

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Featured Solutions

Our Services

Campus Hiring

Innovative approach to talent discovery: Acqui-hiring, Social hiring, Community-based hiring, Project-based hiring, and Internship-based hiring

Lateral Hiring

Offering assessment, interviews, and hiring as a service through our community of experienced industry leaders, experts, and gig recruiters


Acquire enterprising teams and startups, tailor-made for staffing needs and ideal for product development initiatives

Gig & Contractual Hiring

Collaborate with reliable individual or agency-based gig workers for contractual engagements within the local ecosystem

Talent Tank for Project-Based Hiring

Source and hire enterprising candidates through Talent Tank, our Shark Tank-style platform for hiring fresh talent

Bloom Lab for Internships

Internship as a service and Campus to Corporate Programme through Bloom Lab, a Y-Combinator like Talent Incubation Programme

Reciprocal Value with Bloombloom: 

Give and Gain in Our Collaborative Learning Ecosystem

Contribute to the Bloombloom Knowledge Ecosystem and Build a Stronger Talent Community, Together

Co-create, Co-curate & Co-certify

Collaborate in creating, curating, and certifying industry-relevant courses and learning programs to suit your needs, or endorse programs created by third parties. This will help expand your bandwidth to access relevant candidates for your requirements

Contribute Challenges & Problem Statements

Contribute real-world and industry challenges, problem statements to the ecosystem for collaborative solutions. This is an opportunity to co-create innovative solutions and identify talent with problem solving skills and challenge-taking mindset

Industry Insights

Offer industry trends and learnings to the ecosystem. This shall make the ecosystem stay relevant and proactive with the dynamic market needs.

Contribute Educators & Mentors

Contribute Speakers, Educators, Mentors and Panelists from your workforce. This will help them build leadership skills & shall challenge them to grow. This shall also become an avenue for talent branding.

Offer Opportunities

Contribute Jobs, Internship, Prototyping, Co-creation & Freelancing Opportunities for the ecosystem to access

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