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Together, Transforming Futures: Elevate to Shape the Next Generation!

The Need for Transformation in Education:

In a world marked by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), education is undergoing a transformation. Repetitive jobs are evolving with automation, making way for future roles driven by innovation and creativity. Therefore, the world requires individuals who are enterprising, creative, and adept at problem-solving to stay relevant. The skills needed for the talent of the future are distinct

Industry-Academia Gap Widening that Ever

The industry-academia gap is wider than ever, necessitating different skills for enhanced employability. Interventions are imperative to bridge this gap and boost students' job readiness.


Adapting to the New Age Hiring Models

A significant shift in talent acquisition methods includes Acqui-hiring, Social-hiring, Community-hiring, Challenge & Hackathon-based hiring, Project-based and Internship-based hiring. Colleges must adapt to these new-age hiring models to attract modern employers.


The Need for an All New Innovation-Entrepreneurial Culture

Establishing an innovation-entrepreneurial culture in educational campuses is crucial. This aligns with the demand for practical knowledge and an enterprising mindset sought by modern-age employers.


Lack of Practical and Real-World Skills

98%+ students often encounter a formidable obstacle—insufficient practical, real-world skills. There is a pressing need to enhance traditional education, providing avenues for hands-on experiences. This shift requires adjustments in delivery mechanisms, resource capabilities, and pedagogy to ensure graduates are well-prepared for the demands of the modern job market.


Skills Needed for the Talent of Future are Totally Different

Future talent requires a distinct skill set, emphasizing continuous learning, adaptability, and key traits like learnability, social skills, curiosity, inquisitive mindset, passion, empathy, problem-solving, a challenge-taking mindset, resilience, and creativity.


Capability to implement NEP Mandates

The National Education Policy (NEP) mandates revolutionary changes in institutions, including emerging technology courses, innovation, startups, entrepreneurship, internships, etc. This is obligatory for implementation and campuses lack capability.


Develop Talent of the Future at Scale:

Empower your institution to nurture creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, leaders, and change-makers of tomorrow through collaboration and active learning. The world demands enterprising talent with practical and real-world skills, coupled with qualities like learnability, social skills, curiosity, passion, resilience, and creativity.

Enhanced Placement and Project Activities:

Supercharge your placement, project, and internship activities with bloombloom. Enable acqui-hiring, social-hiring, community-hiring, challenge & hackathon-based hiring, project-based, and internship-based hiring, gig and co-creation engagements. Leverage unique opportunities like the Bloom Lab Talent Incubation and the Talent Tank Project-based hiring programmes.

Activating the Incubation Center:

Elevate innovation and entrepreneurship development, enhancing rankings. Standardize and activate innovation, entrepreneurship, and startup development not only for campus students but for the entire ecosystem. Our platform contributes to elevating rankings of the campus within the national and international ranking frameworks.

Skill Development through Active & Collaborative Learning:

Establish a holistic, active, and collaborative skilling platform catering to campus, external students, professionals, and diverse organizations. Our unique model, a first of its kind globally, blends online and offline collaborative learning, facilitated by the B-HUB offline platform. Active learning thrives through hands-on experience, practice, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.

Industry & Community Collaborations:

Enable collaborations between stakeholders and the campus, ushering in a future where students benefit from hands-on activations. The platform, with its proven framework and standardization, ensures an enriched collaborative learning experience.

NEP Goals & Ecosystem Building:

Align with the New Education Policy (NEP) goals and transform your campus into an epicenter of the local innovation ecosystem. The platform facilitates capability bridging for the campus, contributing to the accomplishment of NEP objectives.

Bloombloom Affiliation:

Modernizing Campus Learning Ecosystem

Unique Solutions

Receive 360-degree consulting services to shape strategies for next-generation learning. We specialize in setting up incubation centers, transforming innovation culture, fostering startup and entrepreneurship development, enhancing placements, and boosting skilling and employability.

In the capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram—The city of Lord Anantha—within the expansive grounds of Mar Ivanios Vidya Nagar, a transformative tale unfolded. The journey commenced within the walls of a fading MBA college, a mere 30,000 square feet of space grappling to keep pace with the evolving dynamics of education.

Bloombloom Chronicles

  • Rewind to 2017 and witness the transformation of these halls, once grounded, now given wings to soar higher. Bloombloom, with its innovative approach, breathed new vigor into this institution, turning it into a dynamic hub of collaborative learning and cutting-edge innovation. The first B-HUB, the offline platform, took flight on July 2, 2017, inaugurated by the then Union Minister of Health, Dr. Harshwardhan

    Spanning across 200 acres, the campus housed a diverse array of institutions, from kindergartens to arts & professional colleges, catering to over 20,000 students. Mar Ivanios Vidya Nagar, with roots dating back to the 1950s, had witnessed the evolution of education over the decades.

    With B-HUB, the numbers started to tell a different story. 9000 passionate educators, true practitioners and leaders, 500 content producers, and a staggering 100,000 learners, ranging from 6 to 60 years old, became integral parts of this vibrant co-learning ecosystem. Active learning programs flourished, numbering over 3000, covering a spectrum from arts to artificial intelligence.

    In the spirit of curiosity, passion, and inspiration, B-HUBs powered by Bloombloom emerged as epicenters of enterprising talent development. The transformation wasn't limited to academic pursuits; it embraced diverse skill communities, totaling over 150, from technology to management to even cake making. Within the 30,000 square feet of the first center, a unique model unfolded, fostering collaborations among 200+ companies and academies. B-HUBs became more than just hubs; they transformed into catalysts for innovation, birthing around 500 startups, contributing significantly to the local ecosystem, specifically in Trivandrum.

    Distinctive in its approach, B-HUBs prioritized the development of enterprising talent, creating a shift from conventional innovation ecosystems. The impact wasn't confined to the boundaries of the campus; it resonated throughout Trivandrum, contributing meaningfully to the broader community.

    Today, the success story of B-HUB is ready for global replication. As a franchisable model standardized and activated by Bloombloom, it extends an invitation to organizations worldwide to partake in this movement. A unique model unfolds, promising to build an Enterprising Talent Ecosystem at scale, rewriting the narrative of education and innovation on a global stage.

A Trailblazing Success Tale Unfolding in Kerala's Premier Educational Campus


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