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Welcome to the World's First

University of

Collaborative Education

An online & offline collaborative edu-ployment platform to discover and develop the creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, leaders & change-makers of tomorrow. 


Live & Interactive, Learning by doing, in Areas of their Passion


Mentors who are Passionate Practitioners or Inspiring Leaders


Learning Programmes

Workshops, Courses, Mentor Clinics, Challenges, Internships & More


Corporates & Communities

A Collaborative

Knowledge Ecosystem

With Our New-age Talent-bridging Model


An Open Innovation Ecosystem with a Key Focus on Talent


Startups Developed


Access to Workshops, Courses, Mentorships, Industry Interactions, Community Meetups & More


Understand the ‘Why’s of Learning Through 100s of Industry & Real-world Challenges

Redefining the way you learn

We believe in Learning Spaces where you are inspired, challenged and you believe that it’s ‘your own space’. Here learning is a ‘Festivity’. Experience the Vibe; experience the Bloom-rooms, online or offline.

Bloombloom shall enable the learners to discover what they are, develop in areas of their interest, connect with opportunities & bloom! 

Learn through Collaboration

Learn by Doing

Learn from Passionate Practitioners

Learn around Passion


Connect with Job, Internship, Co-creation, Prototyping & Freelancing Opportunities 



Let your child discover his true self through 21 different topics by 21 inspiring personalities

5 - 13 Years

Duration: 1 Month

5000 +  Learners Bloomed



Watch your child bloom as the creators, entrepreneurs, and innovators of the future in the areas of their interest.

5 - 13 Years

Duration: 1 Year

500 +  Learners Bloomed

Future-tech for 

Explore 14 emerging technologies with 14 inspiring tech-leaders and

connect to the future.

14 + Years

Duration: 2 Weeks

4000 +  Learners Bloomed

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Learn from industry leaders through real-world applications. (NSQF Level 7 Certification with ASAP Govt. of Kerala)

17+ Years

Duration: 6 Months

250 +  Learners Bloomed

Explore Our Revolutionary Programmes

To explore more programmes

Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge?

Join the tribe of 5,000+ passionate educators & programme producers in areas of your interest, and be ambassadors of change in blooming a billion dreams.

All-in-one Platform

Create, publish, generate demand and deliver programmes, offer certification & opportunities for learners; online or offline.

Generate Demand

Get the right audience for you, every time. Scale exponentially with our unique Production Model, to 5 to 50-year-old learners.

Consistent Income

Keep yourself busy, upon your availability. Earn for yourself or sponsor a child. Monetize through revenue share.

Learning Management

Organise & deliver programmes through Bloombloom’s co-learning management system, online and offline.

Financing & Payments

Offer zero cost educational loans for your courses*. Simple and transparent payment, collection and disbursal systems.


Co-create with Bloombloom's extensive network of individuals, corporates, startups, industries, and communities. 

New-age Placements & Hiring models


Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development

Becoming Epicenters of Local Innovation Ecosystem

Developing Future-ready Talent

Establishing Industry & Community Collaborations

Accomplishing the New Education Policy (NEP) Goals

Enabling Academia 4.0

Enable, Activate & Standardize Academies in 

Industry Collaborations


Corporate L&D

Programmes & Educators. Corporate Learning Credits

Corporate L&D


Collaborate with Innovators for Path-breaking Creations


Contribute & Share

Collaborate and Share Knowledge through the Platform

Contribute & Share

Startup Hunts

Discover Innovative Ventures for Acquisitions and Collaborations

Startup Hunts


Identify Disruptive and Innovative Ideas


Talent Bridge

Hire Enterprising & Future-ready Talent

Talent Bridge

B-HUBs are the offline hubs of Bloombloom. A first-of-its-kind model that builds Local Innovation & Entrepreneurial ecosystems around academies. A locale of learning, sharing and collaboration.

Physical collaborative spaces in or around academic campuses

Blend of co-learning & co-working, powered by Bloombloom

World’s first B-HUB launched in 2017  in Trivandrum 

The most active collaborative space in Kerala

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