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Pitch your projects, Showcase your skills, Get recognized!

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Talent Tank:

The ‘Shark Tank’ of Hiring Fresh Talent

Do you have outstanding practical work to exhibit? Projects, startups, or anything similar?

Talent Tank is a unique opportunity for students to gain exposure, connect with industry professionals, and potentially secure job offers based on their practical skills and projects. It promotes active learning, collaboration, and career readiness.

The more practical skills you acquire, the quicker you become project-ready, and the higher your job market demand!

We're all about hands-on experience, collaboration, practice, and sharing knowledge. If you're passionate about your projects & startup ventures during your college journey, Talent Tank is your stage to showcase your achievements and connect with industry leaders for potential job opportunities with the X-factor. It's all about connecting you with the right opportunities and recognitions!

Babu Sivadasan, Envestnet

Sajan Pillai

Ex UST CEO, McLaren Ventures

Ganesh Padmanabhan

1  —

Register and Showcase Your Project or Venture

Sign up as a team, emphasizing each member's significant contributions.

Submit your project or startup during registration, with clear roles specified for each member

2  —

Initial Screening and Presentation

Our Panel of experts at Bloombloom conduct an initial screening of your project.

If selected, you'll present your project to our panel.

3 —

Skill Enhancement and Grand Finale

Selected projects may undergo skill enhancement.

Pre-qualified candidates receive an invitation to pitch at the Talent Tank Finale.

4  —

Offers and Ongoing Participation

Offers may be extended immediately or shortly after.

The program continues with monthly editions, so keep enhancing your skills.

Your Journey through Talent Tank

Join Talent Tank to shine a light on your projects and connect with companies seeking top talent!

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Exceptional Offers for Extraordinary Works!

At Talent Tank, we believe in recognizing and rewarding exceptional talent. Your journey with us doesn't end with a successful pitch; it's just the beginning of a world of potential opportunities that await you. Your work, pitch and negotiations play a pivotal role in shaping the offers you receive. Here's a glimpse of the exceptional opportunities that may come your way:


If your project or startup aligns with a company's strategic goals, they might acquire your venture along with your talent, giving you a chance to be part of something bigger.

Better Offers:

Companies are eager to snatch up top talent, and they're willing to make enticing offers to secure the best. Your exceptional skills including the pitching, could lead to significantly improved employment packages.


Your innovative ideas and practical skills could lead to partnerships with companies, fostering co-creation of existing or new products or solutions.

Product Acquisition:

If your project involves a unique product or technology, companies might be interested in acquiring it, opening doors to exciting collaborations.


If your project has potential but needs resources to scale, companies might offer funding or support to help bring your vision to life.

Your journey through Talent Tank isn't just about landing a job; it's about exploring a world of possibilities, where exceptional offers await those who dare to dream big and showcase their outstanding practical skills.

Our Featured Partners

Our partnering companies are on the prowl for fresh talent with exceptional skills. These industry leaders are ready to dive into the pool of talent and offer enticing opportunities to those who impress. Here are some of the prestigious companies that have partnered with Talent Tank:

Ecosystem Partners
What Today's Companies Are Looking For

In today's fast-paced, automated world, companies seek talent that goes beyond technical know-how. They need individuals who are not only proficient but also swiftly deployable with practical skills and an entrepreneurial mindset. Human skills like learnability, social adeptness, curiosity, adaptability to challenges, creativity, resilience, and strong problem-solving abilities are the distinguishing factors. This modern talent must possess the ability to learn from failures, think critically, collaborate effectively, tell compelling stories, and pitch ideas persuasively

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