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Future Worlds


Guiding your career journey towards a fulfilling future and beyond!

Welcome to the Future World Summit, where we embark on a journey to explore the ever-evolving landscape of career possibilities. In this dynamic event presented by Agnes College (Autonomous), Mangalore and powered by Bloombloom, we delve into 14 distinct Future Worlds over 14 enlightening days. Our mission is to guide you through the intricacies of these emerging industries, providing invaluable insights to help shape your career path. Join us as we navigate the new world before us and prepare to leap into a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Mode: Online, Live & Interactive

Level: Beginner

Medium: English

From 2024 April 1 to 19

14 Sessions

Session: 1.30 hours per day

 Who all can attend?

All ages 16 and above are welcome! 

The Future World Summit is open to anyone eager to explore the future of careers and industries. Whether you're a student contemplating your next educational endeavor, a professional seeking to stay ahead of the curve, or an entrepreneur looking for inspiration, our event is designed to cater to individuals from all walks of life. Younger participants can join alongside their parents, especially those seeking ways to support their children's studies & careers

Join us and unlock the pathways to success in the ever-evolving world of work and learning.


Global Head - Applied Intelligence, Platforms, Engineering and Architecture, DXC Security BU at DXC Technology, Former VP & Global Head - Cyber Defense & Security at Accenture, AI & Cyber Leader, Public Speaker at 550+ Conferences, Entreprenuer,  Mentor & Advisory Board Member at 20+ Organizations

Speaking on: The AI World

Philip V Varughese

Global Head - Applied Intelligence, DXC Security BU at DXC Technology

Joining from Bangalore, India


CEO at Gamitronics & Serious Gaming, pioneering India's Metaverse and Web3 landscape. Innovator in theme parks, VR arcades, and gaming. Advisor in IIT Mumbai, IIT Jodhpur, Samsung Harman, 25+ accelerator programmes, and Top 20 influencers in AR/VR

Speaking on: The Gamers World

Rajat Ojha

CEO at Gamitronics, Advisor in IIT Mumbai, Top 20 influencers in AR/ VR

Joining from California, US


Chair of OWASP Board of Directors, Award Winner, Global Keynote Speaker, One of the Top Women Leaders of Technology and Cyber Security, Security Relations Leader at Snyk, Board Member of Black Hat Asia

Speaking on: The Hackers World

Vandana Verma

Chair of OWASP Board of Directors, Award Winner, Global Keynote Speaker

Joining from Bangalore, India


Co-founder & CEO at Docket, Former Chief Data Officer at ZoomInfo (Nasdaq: ZI), 2x Startup Exits, Investor in 20+ Startups, LP for VC funds

Speaking on: The Startup World

Arjun Pillai

Co-founder at Docket, Former Chief Data Officer at ZoomInfo (Nasdaq: ZI)

Joining from Washington, D.C, US


Head of Platform Enablement, Principal DevOps & SRE, FinOps, AI-Ethics, DEI FinAbilities Global Program Manager, Cloud Architect, Cybersecurity, ERP, and Analytics at Finastra, a London-based global leader in Fintech for retail banking, transaction banking, lending, and treasury capital markets, Innovator, Mentor & Speaker.

Speaking on: The Fintech World

Bineesh Moulana

Head of Platform Enablement, FinOps, AI-Ethics at Finastra, Innovator, & Mentor

Joining from Thirivananthapuram, India


CEO of GreenPepper, Generative AI Leader & Researcher, Management Coach, Serial Public Speaker, Innovation, Leadership Coaching, Design Thinking, and Digital Transformation, Mentor at TIE, Swiss AI Cognitive, IET India Future Tech Panel, Innovation SuperClusters, NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore, and Bloombloom

Speaking on: The Human World

Krishna Kumar

CEO of GreenPepper, Serial Public Speaker, Leader in Generative AI

Joining from Kochi, India


Associate Director & Medical Science Lead. Distinguished Scientist, Corporate Leader, Keynote Speaker, Coach and Business Strategist. Gold medalist (Nuclear Chemistry). United Nations Scholar. Breakthrough leadership at world’s premier institutions and Fortune 100 companies. Seminal discoveries, patents, and high-impact publications with over 14,900 citations. 

Speaking on: The Science World

Robin Mathew

Medical Science Lead at Kenvue (Johnson & Johnson), Distinguished Scientist, Coach, & Business Strategist.

Joining from New Jersey, USA


A Strategy and Growth professional with experience spanning 9 areas of specializations in marketing + marketing services, having helped grow 11 start-ups, held the mandate for countless big and small brands (including Amazon, Dell, Pepsodent, Adrenalin, Times of India, Schneider Electric, Airtel, Coffee Board of India, Britannia, ITC Foods, Bharatiya Janata Party) ... Is still on a learning curve in a field where change is the only norm

Speaking on: The Marketing World

Vasantha Krishnamurthy

Entrepreneur, Head of Marketing at Driva La Singapore, Marketing Powerhouse.

Joining from Bangalore, India


An Award-Winning Geospatial Scientist, Academician at NIAS - IISc, TEDx Speaker. Pioneering a methodology to detect signs of past human activities from satellite imagery, expanding archaeology's scope. Author of 'Patterns in Past Settlements'. Ex-member of the Indian National Young Academy of Science & The World Academy of Sciences.

Speaking on: The Past World

M B Rajani

Geospatial Scientist, Author, Professor at NIAS-IISc, TEDx Speaker, Award Winner

Joining from Bangalore, India


Chief of Staff at ONDC. Ex-Quality Control of India (QCI), Ex-Google.

Speaking on: The Digital Commerce World

Saransh Agrawal

Chief of Staff at ONDC. Ex-Quality Control of India (QCI), Ex-Google.

Joining from Delhi, India


Former Regional Director - IOT (India & ASEAN) at AT&T, Award Winning Digital Technology Consultant, Mentor T-HUB Telangana, Consultant at Frost & Sullivan India, FlamencoTech, Co-Chair of Digital Comm Group of IET Future Tech Panel, NASSCOM IOT Tech Guru for W2RT, CII Expert Panelist

Speaking on: The Gig World

Sunil David

Award Winning Digital Technology Consultant, Formerly AT&T, Advisor

Joining from Chennai


Anil presently holds the position of Design Manager and Studio Head, India for Data & AI at IBM Softwares. Before this role, he served as the Design Director (Head of Studios, Kerala), at TCS.

Speaking on: The Design World

Anil G

Designer Manager and Studio Head, India for Data and AI at IBM

Joining from Kochi, India


Deputy Director of Solid Propulsion & Research Entity (SPRE) & Project Director of the Trisonic Wind Tunnel Project at Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), ISRO, Member of International Astronautical Federation (IAF)/ACHA Committee, Passionate Scientist Specializing in Aeronautics, Aerodynamics & Aerothermodynamics. Alumnus-IIT, MIT, NASA Ames Research Centre.

Speaking on: The Space World

Dr. B Deependran

Deputy Director of Solid Propulsion and Research Entity (SPRE) & Project Director of the Trisonic Wind Tunnel Project at Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), ISRO

Joining from Thirivananthapuram, India


AVP of Production & Programmes at Bloombloom, Community Leader & Business Strategist, Trained over 2000+ people around the world

Speaking on: The Future World

Vani Vinod

AVP-Production & Programmes at Bloombloom

Joining from Thirivananthapuram, India

Dive deep into 14 diverse future worlds, each led by visionary speakers who are trailblazers in their fields.

Meet the leaders

Discover the 14 Future Worlds


The Future World

Prepare for an expedition into the future. This session unveils the latest advancements in technology and innovation, illuminating the pathways to future opportunities. Join us as we navigate the uncharted territories of tomorrow, equipped with insights to shape a world of endless possibilities.


The AI World

Discover how AI is revolutionizing industries, from personalized experiences to automated workflows. Uncover the boundless possibilities of AI-driven innovation and envision a future where AI makes life better, easier, and efficient.


The Hackers World

Jump into the world of Hackers and gain insights into the critical importance of cybersecurity in safeguarding our digital infrastructure and privacy in an increasingly interconnected world. Learn from industry leaders about the ever-growing demand for skilled professionals in cybersecurity and how you can become part of this vital field.


The Marketing World

Join industry leaders as they unveil innovative approaches and tools reshaping the marketing landscape, from social media and influencer marketing to data analytics and AI-driven insights. Learn why marketing is more than just selling—it's about storytelling, community-building, and creating memorable experiences that resonate with audiences.


The Gamers World

Dive into "The Gamers World" & explore the dynamic realm of game development, where creativity, technology, and passion converge to shape immersive experiences. Discover the vast potential of the game development industry and the exciting opportunities it offers for aspiring developers & enthusiasts alike. Uncover the transformative impact of games on entertainment, filmmaking, education, & beyond.


The Science World

From the depths of oceanography to the vastness of space exploration, science is opening doors to new frontiers and redefining our understanding of the universe. Discover how advancements in fields like biotechnology, materials science, and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing industries, improving quality of life, and addressing pressing global challenges.


The Design World

From user-centric interface design to immersive user experiences, the world of design is evolving rapidly, shaping the way we interact with technology, products, and services. Discover how design thinking is revolutionizing industries, from digital platforms and mobile apps to physical spaces and product packaging.


The Space World

From cutting-edge space exploration missions to groundbreaking discoveries about the origins of the universe, space science is at the forefront of human exploration and knowledge. Discover how advancements in space technology are opening up new possibilities for space travel, satellite communications, and space-based research.


The Fintech World

From mobile banking & digital payments to blockchain technology and algorithmic trading, fintech is revolutionizing traditional financial services and democratizing access to financial products & services. Discover how fintech innovations are driving financial inclusion, empowering individuals and businesses, and fostering economic growth. Join in to learn how you can conquer the fintech world.


The Human World

From preventive healthcare & personalized medicine to mindfulness practices & nutritional therapies, the human wellness landscape is evolving to prioritize holistic approaches that promote vitality and resilience. Discover how advancements in health technology, wearable devices, and data analytics are empowering individuals to take charge of their health and well-being like never before.


The Past World

From archaeological excavations & historical research to anthropology & cultural heritage preservation, the study of our past offers invaluable insights into human civilization, societal evolution, & cultural diversity. Discover how advancements in technology are revolutionizing our understanding of ancient civilizations and unlocking new avenues for exploration.


The Digital Commerce World

Explore the dynamic landscape of online business and e-commerce, where digital innovation is reshaping the way we buy, sell, and connect in the digital age. Join us for an engaging session as we uncover the vast potential of digital commerce and the exciting opportunities it offers for individuals in the future.


The Gig World

Discover the transformative shift from traditional employment to the dynamic landscape of the gig economy. Explore the opportunities and challenges of this emerging trend and how individuals can leverage it to thrive in the future of work.


The Startup World

From disruptive technologies and game-changing business models to agile methodologies and bold visions, startups are at the forefront of driving innovation and pushing boundaries. Discover how these nimble ventures are challenging the status quo, creating new markets, and solving some of the world's most pressing challenges.

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