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Welcome to the Bloombloom

Knowledge Ecosystem

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We Celebrate Knowledge! We Celebrate You!

We celebrate infinite curiosity, limitless passion, and boundless collaborations brought in by incredible knowledge celebrities like you everyday. Together, we inspire and influence the next generation of changemakers, creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

Let’s create environments where learners are inspired, challenged, and where they can be their true selves, with collaboration at its core.

We welcome you to enable these environments and bloom their dreams with us. Join us in this revolutionary movement.

Bloombloom: Where You Belong

You could be a techie, a scientist, a retired professional, an artist, an entrepreneur or even a cake-maker. There are millions of undiscovered and untapped knowledge inventories out there who lack a platform to share their experience and wisdom with the right minds. You might be one of them.

Bloombloom is the bridge between.

Connect with passionate learners from across the world and share all the knowledge you acquired through various programmes. Inspire them to find their passion and empower them to be relevant for the new age. All as per your convenience; be it for an hour or hundreds of hours a year.

Better yet, this shall be an inspiring environment for you to learn and grow as well.

Everything You Need in One Place

Create, publish, collaborate, and co-create with other stakeholders. Generate demand and deliver content with learning & programme management systems, payment & collection systems. Provide certification & opportunities for learners.

Bloomrooms: Passion-full Audience!

High energy classrooms guaranteed. Only the most passionate and curious seekers out there. Contemporarily designed-for-learning spaces to deliver sessions on physical and digital platforms.


Get exclusive access to Bloombloom’s extensive network of experts, companies, universities and communities to curate, endorse, co-certify, & deliver exciting programmes and scale beyond borders.

Exciting Perks

Effectively give back by inspiring the next generation or become a knowledge celebrity. Gain recognition for your personal brand. Generate consistent income based on your availability, and ever-grow.

Recognition for Everyone

Build profile as well as live-authentic credentials named the “Bloom Quotients”. Issue certificates, badges & skill endorsements. Get access to the right opportunities for your learners, and for YOU.

Bloombloom: For you

How are we different ?

Learning at Bloombloom

Learning happens in real-time, be it online or offline. We are purely a live-interactive platform.

Connected by Passion

All sessions are taken by highly passionate individuals, each excellent in their own way, to young and aspiring learners who seek them out.

Beyond Courses

The programmes link them to the real world, giving their academic ventures purpose and direction

Learner Centric

Designed to inspire and direct learners to discover who they are, flourish in their areas of interest & skills, and prepare them for the all-new world.

Collaboration at its core

An experience curated through the collaboration between corporate entities, communities, inspiring individuals, and industry experts.

A Talent ecosystem

Beyond the learning programmes, the platform build local talent ecosystems

The journey so far! And many miles to go…

6,000+ Passionate Educators

1,000+ Employment Generated

1,000+ Learning Programmes

35,000+ Learners from Age 5 to 50

200+ Corporate and Community Partnerships

4+ Countries

300+ Start-ups Bloomed

100+ Prodigies Bloomed

2+ Government Partnerships

100+ University & Institutional Partnerships

The wide range of possibilities

You can create programmes in areas ranging from Arts to Artificial Intelligence, Music to Machine Learning, Space Science to Tissue Culture.

Create programmes in 1,000+ subjects and 20+ sectors in the form of courses, workshops, challenges, hackathons, internships and so much more.

If you still need an extra hand to help you create an impressive programme that sells, get in touch with us we are here to help you!


What are on-demand programmes? How do they differ from live programmes?

Bloombloom has a unique feature to showcase all your Learning programmes. 


On-Demand Programmes: Programmes that are published, but yet to be scheduled to organise or deliver. On-demand courses will act as an inventory or showcase of all your programmes. This shall help corporates and individuals to  discover and ‘show interest’ or pre-book your programme on the platform. You can make it live based on the demand generated or according to your convenience. 


Live Programmes: All programmes that you create shall be first listed as On-demand, until you schedule it and make it live. Once you schedule it and complete the set up to publish ‘Live’, Then, your programme shall be displayed as a Live Courses/Event/Challenge. 

What ways can I associate with the platform?

You can start up your own learning venture, author programmes that are most relevant using your subject matter expertise, just share your knowledge or mentor eager learners using the platform.


  • Producers: Who will be the owner or rights holder of the content. Producers can either be existing academies or institutes with programmes created or be individuals who would like to start their own learning ventures or academies 

  • Authors: Who will be subject knowledge experts responsible for authoring the content for independent producers

  • Educators: Who will be delivering content based on authored and curated content

  • Mentors: Who shall be taking up an advisory role or guide learners or users on a particular subject of their speciality or choice.


You can choose to be one or all of the above depending on your interest. Revenue shares shall apply to each of the above roles.

Can I run physical and digital class sessions or programmes?

Yes, you can run physical and digital class sessions or programmes. The physical programmes can be taken at our B-HUBs and the digital programmes can be organized on Bloombloom’s digital platform using our learning and programme management system.

What is production?

Production is basically the step-by-step process of fully creating a learning programme in a standardized process. That includes creating the content and curriculum, standardisation  and approval cycles, securing the right collaborations for curation, certification, and endorsements, and publishing the programme on the platform. 


We consider the creation of a programme like the production of a film. There it’s entertainment, here it’s education. The producer can be the owner of the course and collaborate with other stakeholders to create the course. 

What is a B-HUB?

The offline hubs of Bloombloom are called the B-HUB. B-HUB creates local talent ecosystems in various parts of the world. B-HUBs are designed-for-collaboration physical spaces, where work and learning co-exists. World’s first B-HUB was set up at Cardinal Cleemis Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, in Mar Ivanios Vidya Nagar, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. 


B-HUBs have contemporarily designed-for-learning-and-collaboration spaces and bloomrooms (new-age classrooms) with various seating capacity (ranging from 10 seaters to 150 seaters) and near-to-real screens and tech capabilities.

How do I access the offline platforms? 

You may conduct your programmes either online through Bloombloom’s digital platform or offline through physical spaces at B-HUBs or blended using both our platforms. You may set this up while you curate the programmes through the Bloombloom platform.

B-HUBs have contemporarily designed-for-learning-and-collaboration spaces and bloomrooms (classrooms) with various seating capacity (ranging from 10 seaters to 150 seaters) and near-to-real feel screens and tech capabilities. You may be able to access the rooms based on your requirements. 

What is the difference between the Bloombloom and the B-HUB platforms?

If we consider Bloombloom to be the university, B-HUBs are our colleges. 


Bloombloom is the digital platform, and B-HUB our physical platform. Bloombloom shall enable, activate, standardise, and recognise physical spaces called B-HUB. Bloombloom provides the framework, content, technology and data to run the B-HUBs


If Bloombloom is like Netflix of real-time learning engagements, B-HUBs are the i-maxs of physical learning experiences.  Bloombloom shall enable 100s of B-HUBs across the globe.

What if I’m not looking for monetary benefits?

If educators or any other stakeholders are not interested in availing the financial benefits that is earned through Bloombloom, the platform offers an opportunity for them to give back in the form of sponsorships or offering their earnings as scholarships for deserving students in their name. Bloombloom shall be taking care of all the end-to-end processes for the same so that every penny goes to the right hands. 

What is the Vibe in the Classroom?

The Bloomroom vibe. 


You shall be sharing your knowledge with passionate learners in the subject. Bloombloom doesn't restrict learners based on their age. However, there shall also be programmes to cater to specific age groups as well. They shall challenge you with crazy questions, they shall interact with you to get the best from you, they might also give you insights based on their perspective as they continuously learn from inspiring personalities like yourself. 


The platform offers an unbelievable experience of learning, sharing, and collaboration for you because we value your time!


You Asked, We Answered

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