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All for Free, Along with Stipend During Training Period!

Fully Sponsored

Residential Training, Food, & Accommodation

Fully Sponsored

Certification, Documentation, & Anerkennung Processes

Fully Sponsored

Placement, Visa, and Travel


During Training Period

About the Programme
This ambitious venture, "Nurses to Germany (N2G)," aspires to meticulously train, certify, and facilitate the migration of 5000 qualified nurses from India to Germany during the year 2024-25. This fully sponsored programme for qualified candidates aims to address the growing demand for skilled healthcare professionals in the German healthcare sector.
Who can Apply?
BSc in Nursing with a minimum of 2 years of clinical experience.
General Nursing Diploma with at least 5 years of clinical experience
A1/ A2/ B1/ B2 Level or even with No Certifications
100% Comprehensive Scholarship & Sponsorship-based Programme
This is a Comprehensive (100%) Scholarship & Sponsorship Offer to all Qualified Candidates who agree to the terms and conditions.
100% scholarship for the full-time residential training & development programme ensuring a high certification success rate.
100% sponsorship for certification (one attempt), documentation, Anerkennung
100% sponsorship for placement and relocation including visa, travel, transportation
Monthly stipend of Rs. 10,000 provided during the training period.


St. Agnes College (Autonomous) 

Estd: 1921

100 Years of Empowering Women


Launch in Progress


Launch in Progress

Skill Assessment & Interviews

The Interested leads of Candidates will undergo a technical, personality and attitude interview to assess their skills.


Candidates' commitment to completing the course certification process as well as joining & working with the company or its clients for at least 3 years.

Background Checks:

We conduct thorough background checks to verify candidates' credentials.

Training Programme Performance

Candidates should be willing to undergo a full time residential training programme on language, culture and life in Germany

Join in Specified Locations

Training Programmes will be conducted at various locations across the country

Selection Process
Our selection process will be rigorous and comprehensive, ensuring the highest standards:
  • Sponsored language training from A1 to B2 levels, ensuring comprehensive language proficiency.

  • Culturally tailored life skills training for seamless integration and enhanced well-being.

  • Provided food and comfortable accommodation during the training period.

  • One attempt of B2 Level Certification cost is also covered

Benefits to Candidates
Our Unique Learning Programme
  • Our commitment to candidates extends to securing 100% placement in various healthcare settings, including Old-age Homes, Clinics, and Rehabilitation Centers under the following conditions

  • Candidates will be guaranteed 3 interviews with potential employers/ clients for placements

  • Candidates with a Full Anerkennung certification will be eligible for nursing positions, while those with Partial Anerkennung certification will be considered for roles as nursing assistants.

  • Candidates to sign an exclusive contract with us

  • We will assist the candidate in the entire processes

Candidate Commitment
This is a fully sponsored Programme, and hence the candidates are required to agree to the following terms and conditions:

Willingness to join the fully residential training programme in specified locations. No transfer of locations are permitted

To regularly attend and complete the full-time residential training programme for 8 months. The candidate should put efforts and qualify all assessments and certifications
Selected candidates will enter into a binding 3-year commitment contract, which includes working with our German clientele upon successfully obtaining the B2 Certification
















The batch size shall be 40 candidates for full-time residential programmes. Course Duration for all 5 Levels: 8 Months

Batch Details

Direct entry is possible for A2/B1 certified candidates to subsequent levels, subject to seat availability.

Our Unique Learning Programme

Culture-Centric Approach:

Prioritizing cultural immersion alongside language acquisition for effective communication and professional interactions.

Life-Learning Ecosystem:

Continuous integration of learning into daily life for holistic academic, personal, and professional development.

Immersive German Environment:

Creating an environment mirroring the German lifestyle to facilitate seamless adaptation and eliminate culture shocks.

Everyday German Experience:

Language practice in real-world scenarios to reinforce skills and deepen cultural understanding.

Comprehensive Integration:

Immersion in all aspects of German life, from food to daily routines, ensuring a holistic learning experience.

Beyond Classroom Learning:

Continuous learning throughout the day, supported by passionate practitioners from various German industries.

Professional Development:

An eight-month program covering language proficiency, cultural acclimatization, and professional skill development.

Holistic Environment:

Integration of accommodation, learning spaces, transportation, and dining facilities into a comprehensive live-and-learn environment.

  • We welcome both male and female applicants, though preference is given to those with prior experience.

  • Our commitment to candidates extends to securing 100% placement in various healthcare settings, including Hospitals, Old-age Homes, Clinics, and Rehabilitation Centers under the following conditions

  • This module covers the basics and advanced topics of machine learning. You shall dive into Supervised Learning, including Classification Algorithms. Explore Unsupervised Algorithms, Reinforcement Learning, and essential data preparation techniques. Learn Feature Selection, Model Evaluation, and Performance Tuning. Finish strong with insights into Model Deployment.

  • This module introduces the basics of Deep Learning and takes you through Deep Learning Architecture. You shall master the practical use of Keras for building neural networks while learning Natural Language Processing, developing a chatbot and diving into Transformer Networks.

  • You shall explore the basics including an introduction to Generative AI and Models. This module focuses on Large Language Models (LLMs) and their application in Generative AI. You shall learn about Prompt Engineering for LLMs, and then gain practical experience with Gen AI Models, deployment, and real-world case studies.

Standard Job Offer (Indicative) to Candidates from our German Clients

Opportunities and Placements are truly performance-driven and will depend upon their performance throughout the programme and in the interviews.

  • Candidates can expect competitive compensation based on their language proficiency and background:

  • Full Anerkennung + B2 Certification: Earnings range from 2500 to 3300 Euros.

  • Partial Anerkennung + B2 Certification: Candidates can anticipate earnings of 2100 Euros.

  • In rural placements, salaries may vary, reaching up to 4000 Euros on a case-by-case basis.

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